Other Supplies

Spoons And Measuring Cups

Having a set of spoons and measuring cups are essential to have in every kitchen. If you have more than one set then you will be able to have all of your ingredients measured out.

If you do a lot of baking, then you know how important measuring cups are when you need to achieve accurate measurements. However, measuring tools are designed for any r├ęcipe.


Having a grater is a great tool to have around. Not only will it shred cheese and vegetables, but it will also grate citrus peel and ginger on the microplane side of a grater. Other vegetables that a grater can easily shred are carrots, potatoes, lettuce and cabbage umong others.


Strainer’s are another great kitchen tool that has multiple uses and can be used also together with a hotel ice dispenser. A few uses include draining pasta, seperate sedes from freshly squeezed citrus. straining sauces, sifting and removing blanched food. Strainer’s also come in different sizes so storage is a lot easier.


Whisks are an excellent tool to combine ingredients that are either wet or dry. With various sizes, the possibilities are endless when you have more than one whisk to tackle a cooking project.

If you prefer, you can also utilize an electric mixer to take care of complex mixes. Regardless of which you use, having whisks on hand does make mixing a lot easier.

Wooden Spoons

Whenever you have sauces to stir then the ideal tool to use is a wooden spoon. Not only can you use them with sauces but you can toss salads and stir many other types of batters. The good thing about wooden spoons is that they will not scratch your pans or melt like plastic spoons will in hot oil.


Spatulas have many uses when it comes to turning or flipping food. With baking spatulas they are long and skinny which is perfect for applying frostings or emptying jars of their contents. Scraper spatulas are mainly used to scrape remaining ingredients from bowls. Make sure to have a few of them around to make your cooking easier.